From morning sickness to motherhood, an honest diary of my pregnancy
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My Bump & Me

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When Myleene Klass discovered she was pregnant, she felt a flood of emotions, from excitement to shock to relief at finally having a reason for those sudden mood changes.

My Bump & Me is a poignantly frank, funny and personal insight into Myleene's pregnancy, from conception to birth. Including practical advice, essential medical information and an honest account of what's in store for anyone expecting a baby, Myleene's week-by-week pregnancy diary is refreshingly down to earth.

If you are in floods of tears over the nursery curtains being the wrong colour, or because your partner forgot to put a kiss at the end of his text message, this book is for you.

"A frank and funny account of Myleene's pregnancy"
Daily Express
"Practical advice, medical information, and personal insights into morning sickness, raging hormones, craving, baby names and more"
Health & Fitness
"An honest account designed to give mums a boost"
Good Housekeeping
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